Website Use

Frequently I receive requests to use an image as part of building a website.  Please contact me (press the "CONTACT ME" button below) and I will tell you how you can use my photos on your website at no cost.

Stock Licensing

The photos on this site are available for licensed use.  Please contact me with the following information:


1. Is the image to be used in a publication?

    a. If so, what is the circulation? <5000? 5000 to 10,000? >10,000?

    b. If so, where will the image be placed? Brochure? Poster? Magazine?

2. If not, what is the desired use of the image? 

3. What are the names (directly below the image) of the photos of interest to you?


My pricing is generally based upon the industry standard Fotoquote software; however, I will gladly work with you to meet your specific needs and budget considerations.

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